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    Meet the clinicians

    Emily Liu, MHC-LP

    Specialties: Complex Trauma/PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Loss/Grief, Immigrant Families, Racial Trauma, Asian American Identity, LGBTQ+ Experiences, Gender/Sexuality, Racial Trauma, Relationship Issues, Hearing Voices/Seeing Visions

    Emily’s pronouns: she/her


    Zach’s Specialties: Family Relational Issues/Intergenerational trauma, anxiety, depression; Spirituality, LGBTQIA+, Differentiation from family of origin, faith communities, or other communities of significance; Managing Anxiety/Expectations in relationships, Creative/Performing Arts Community, Narrative Therapy.

    Zach’s pronouns: he/ him

    Timothy Murdock, MHC-Intern

    Tim’s Specialities: Individual, Working through Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Solution Focused Counseling, Managing Stress, Career Transitions, Narrative Therapy, CBT techniques PsychoEducation.

    Tim’s pronouns: he/ him

    Katherine Cacciola, MHC-Intern

    Kat’s Specialties: Intergenerational Trauma, Anxiety + Depression, Individuals + Couples, Relationships, Adolescents/Young Adult/Family Dynamics, Spirituality + the Mind-Body Connection, LGBTQIA+, Creative + Performing Community

    Kat’s pronouns: She/ her


    Alisha’s Specialties: Couples/Relationships, Adolescents and Young Adults and Families. Recovery from Breaches in trust, and Phase of Life Transitions.

    Alisha’s pronouns: She/Her


    Ishmaella’s Specialties: Individuals and Couples/Relationships, Career Challenges, Transitioning, Relationship Issues, Substance Use, Gender Identity and Sex/Kink topics.

    Ishmaella’s pronouns: She/They


    Blu’s Specialties: They work with Adults, Adolescents and Individuals, Families, Non-Monogamous & Polyamory, and LGTBQIA2S+ folx, on Sex and Kink Positivity, Gender Identity, Life Transitions, Spirituality and the Mind-Body Connection, and Neurodivergence in female-bodied folx and BIPOC.

    Blu’s pronouns: They/He/She

    Celestina Bradsher-Layne, MHC-LP

    Celestina’s specialties include: Grief, trauma, questioning identity and of diverse identity, race-related challenges, depression, anxiety, family, couples, marriage, and relationships. They work with adults, young adults and adolescents.

    Celestina’s pronouns: they/them

    Max Schneider, MHC-LP

    Max’s specialties include: Neurodivergence, mood & personality disorders, CNM/Non-Monogamy, issues related to social location, LGBTQIA2S+, gender identity, HIV+, trauma, intergenerational trauma, OCD & intrusive thoughts, hearing voices/seeing visions.

    Max’s pronouns: they/them

    Jim Weitzer, MHC Intern

    Jim’s specialities: Individuals, Relationships/Marriage, Creative and Performing Arts Community, LGBTQ, Older Adults, Open/Poly, Grief, Life Transitions

    Jim’s pronouns: he/ him

    Sunanda Jalote, MHC-LP

    Sunanda’s specialties include: LGBTQIA+, Gender & Sexuality, BIPOC, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Mood Disorders, Identity issues, Communication and Relationship, CNM/Poly Relationships, Immigration issues, Trauma.

    Sunanda’s pronouns: she/her

    May Tang, MHC-LP

    May’s specialities: Individuals & Groups, Substance & Addictions, Trauma, Cross-Cultural Concerns, Spirituality & Religion, Bilingual/ Cantonese

    May’s pronouns: she/ her

    Nancy Alfaro, LMHC

    Nancy’s specialities: Individuals, LGBTQ, Bilingual/ Latinx, Open/Poly, Racial & Ethnic Identity, Gender Identity, Trauma, Life Transitions

    Nancy’s pronouns: she/ her

    Marie Feltio, MHC-LP

    Marie’s specialities: Individuals & Families, LGBTQIA+, Intergenerational Trauma, Immigration issues, Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment, Homelessness, Gender and Racial Discrimination, Trauma, Depression.

    Marie’s pronouns: she/her

    Alyssa Keegan ICF Accredited Professional Coach, ACC

    Alyssa’s specialities: Individuals/ Couples Coaching, LGBTQIA+, Monogamy, Non-Monogamy & Poly, Sex Positivity, Kink, Life Transition, Trauma Informed Coaching, Somatic Awareness, Whole Person Coaching

    Alyssa’s pronouns: they/them

    Pia Johnson, LMSW

    Pia’s specialities: Individuals & Couples, Parenting/Family, LGBTQ, Relationship Issues, Virtual Counseling

    Pia’s pronouns: she/ her

    Lynda Martin, LMFT

    Lynda’s specialities: Relationships/ Marriage, Individuals, LGBTQ, Open/ Poly, Trauma

    Lyn’s pronouns: she/ her

    Kenya Crawford, LMHC

    Kenya’s specialities: Individuals & Couples, Ethnic/ Racial Identity Concerns, Open/ Poly, LGBTQ, Gender Identity, Trauma

    Kenya’s pronouns: she/ they

    Edward Yaeger, MHC – LP

    Edward’s specialities: Relationships/Marriage, Individuals, LGBTQ, Open/Poly, Gender Identity, Sexual Issues, Trauma, Grieving, Life Transitions (e.g., career, relocation, divorce/breakups, health issues, loss of a loved one, etc.)

    Edward’s pronouns: he/ his

    Deanna Richards, LMHC, NCC

    Deanna’s specialities: Individuals & Couples, Relationship Issues, Ethnic/ Racial Identity Concerns, Open/ Poly, Sexual Issues, LGBTQ, Mood Disorders, Trauma

    Deanna’s pronouns: she/ ze/ zir