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    Our Mission

    Fresh Path NY seeks to provide an affirming, safe and accessible therapeutic environment for individuals, partners and families to process and work on their stated issues and goals. Our ultimate goal is to help clients feel empowered, affirmed, self-efficacious, and confident in all aspects of their lives.

    Our Process

    Meaningful therapeutic interactions and the use of carefully chosen modalities and interventions ensures that therapy is tailored to you and your needs. FPNY operates from an anti-oppressive framework across all modalities.

    Let's work together

    We are excited to be a part of your wellness journey. Contact us today to get started.

    Fresh Path NY Mental Health Counseling PLLC is a group private practice dedicated to providing telehealth therapy and coaching services to individuals, partners and families.  Our team is dedicated and specialized in issues affecting LGBTQIA+, BIPOC, and Open & Poly communities.

    Our practice is:

    Trauma-informed – we recognize the impact that trauma has on the body and mind and work with clients using body-based/somatic, cognitive, and neuro-experiential approaches.

    Anti-oppressive & Intersectional – we recognize intersecting visible and invisible identities and the harmful cumulative impact of systemic oppression, -phobias, and -isms in our lives.

    Eclectic – we believe in a relational and client-empowered therapeutic relationship and we use various modalities to personalize and maintain a client-centered process.

    Holistic – we believe in the wholeness of being and embrace an integrated approach to our therapeutic and coaching practices.

    Accessible – our telehealth services and range of rates seeks to support clients regardless of location with New York State and across varying financial circumstances.

    Change is possible. Healing is possible.  Achieving your goals is possible. We are excited to work with you on your journey.

    Let's work together on your journey

    Meet Our Staff

    Marie Feltio, MHC-LP

    Marie Feltio, MHC-LP

    Specialities: Individuals & Families, LGBTQIA+, Intergenerational Trauma, Immigration issues, Abuse, Neglect and Abandonment, Homelessness, Gender and Racial Discrimination, Trauma, Depression.
    Sunanda Jalote, LMHC

    Sunanda Jalote, LMHC

    Specialties: LGBTQIA+, Gender & Sexuality, BIPOC, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Mood Disorders, Identity issues, Communication and Relationship, CNM/Poly Relationships, Immigration issues, Trauma.
    Katherine Cacciola, MHC-LP

    Katherine Cacciola, MHC-LP

    Specialties: Intergenerational Trauma, Anxiety + Depression, Individuals + Couples, Relationships, Adolescents/Young Adult/Family Dynamics, Spirituality + the Mind-Body Connection, LGBTQIA+, Creative + Performing Community
    Work with Me

    Work with Me

    Supervision has been one of the most helpful ways of learning and growing as a therapist for me. It helped (and still does) in learning how to navigate this complicated field. Good supervisors can make all the difference; not just in helping clients, but also in reducing therapist burnout and fostering sustainability in this field, […]

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