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  • Healthy Relationships with the Help of Online Therapist: Lynda Martin, LMFT

    Welcome Letter from Lynda Martin, LMFT:

    I am a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist originally from California where I earned by degree in Clinical Psychology. I move to the east coast with my family and now work as a therapist in New York.

    My experience working with families and children impacted by trauma and abuse have greatly shaped how I view my work. I approach each client as an individual with your own story and experiences. This approach allows me to get a better sense of who you are and what supports will be most meaningful to your well being.

    As a relationship focused therapist we will look at the relationships, connections and systems that make up your world and impact your wellbeing. We will collaborate to create a tailored plan to best meet your unique needs. I work from an attachment perspective and incorporate a variety of modalities to fit your style and specific wellbeing goals.  My aim is be a support for you by creating a safe environment for you to explore and grow.

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