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  • Post-Pandemic Gathering Tips

    Restrictions are being lifted from a lot of establishments, states (including Texas), and more. Even so – no one wants to get sick at a reunion or other gathering!

    While entertaining may be on the calendar for some people, hosting a party or just inviting a few friends for dinner has taken on new meaning and requires a new approach

    That’s why choosing a destination or venue with open spaces and clear COVID guidelines is really important.

    Safety and cleanliness have always been a priority here.

    No matter where you choose to hold your family gathering or reunion, it’s important to see what kind of space and amenities the venue holds – and you should always double-check with the venue on their current COVID restrictions. With some careful planning, you can have a “normal” gathering in many places this summer.

    Follow CDC Guidelines and COVID Best Practices
    Though it’s easy to focus on the excitement of being able to host post-pandemic reunions again, to go out and do things more freely in public again, the CDC still advises that you proceed with caution in everyday matters, and when you’re traveling. They have great resources on what steps you should be taking to keep yourself and those around you safe this summer.

    And of course, one of the best ways to protect yourself and your family is to get vaccinated, as the CDC says they will relax COVID guidelines for those who have received the vaccine.

    Book Early and Do Your Research

    Because the guidelines above are likely to continue to evolve throughout this year and beyond, make sure you are doing your research. Do you need proof of vaccination before you take that plane ride? Is the area you are headed to restricted in any way, from mask-wearing to shortened business hours?
    Take some time to look into the COVID-related logistics of your vacation so you don’t face issues when you get there. Vacation time is for spending time with your loved ones and reconnecting while you relax and rejuvenate – you don’t want your reunion ruined by problems that could’ve been prevented.
    There is one more thing you’ll want to do – book early. Last year at this time, travel prices (gas, room rentals, and airfare) were extremely low.

    But now, many of us are making up for that lost time, which means demand for travel accommodations is high, and prices will be too.
    Make plans in advance if you can, so you can make sure you don’t miss out. Many places are going to be fully booked much quicker than normal. Booking early can also save you a bit of money.