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  • Averie Jiang

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    Pronouns – they/them


    As a non-binary person, I have invested significant effort in understanding who I am and where I am at, so I am committed to honoring and cherishing the varied identities of my clients, including but not limited to gender identities, sexual/romantic orientations, race/ethnicity, and the unique intersectionalities.

    As a member of the marginalized community, I have observed firsthand the harm inflicted on queer individuals by those expected to support and protect them, such as family members and counselors. The prevalence of authoritative and heteronormative approaches in counseling has led to secondary harm, further alienating marginalized individuals from seeking the help they need. This pressing issue has driven me to pursue a career as a culturally sensitive mental health counselor.

    I earned my bachelor’s degree in psychology from the University of Washington and am currently enrolled in NYU’s mental health counseling program under the supervision of Sunanda Jalote. My previous experience includes working in two LGBTQ+ non-profit organizations in China, where I supported gender nonconforming individuals, lesbian, bisexual women, and transgender individuals. Throughout my work, I have addressed various topics, such as identity exploration, interpersonal relationships, social isolation, self-esteem, and coming out.

    I believe that a lot of our problems are normal reactions to the systematic inequalities and social structures. Thus, I embrace a social justice and feminist approach in my practice, encouraging open dialogue about the issues impacting our world. Inspired by activists who pave the way for progress, I encourage my clients to engage in social movements and advocacy efforts to reclaim their agency. In addressing feelings of powerlessness, you will not be alone. Together, we can navigate these challenges and empower one another to effect meaningful change.

    I believe that people have an innate capacity to thrive; however, capitalism’s pressures and haunting traumas often hinder our ability to reach our full potential. To support my clients in overcoming these obstacles, I adopt a strengths-based and existential approach in my therapeutic practice. In fact, many of the psychological stress people endure are not manifestations of mental illness. These stress are linked with inevitable existential questions. “Who am I?” “What is the meaning of my existence in a wasteland devoid of meaning?” “How should I live under the shadow of meaninglessness?” To feel painful for these questions is a testament to our strength as human beings and presents an opportunity for personal growth. In my practice, I tailor behavioral approaches to each individual’s needs, empowering them to create meaning through action and work towards a more liberated existence.

    Last but not least, I aim to transcend the present moment and connect with the vulnerable inner child within each of my clients. I understand that you have experienced pain in the past, and my goal is to provide you with a safe and fearless space where we can explore your experiences together and create new, healing moments. ˆ-ˆ

    If you think I’m a good fit for you, feel free to reach out to me at without the pressure to perfectly describe your situation; together, we can figure it out!