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    Pronouns: They/He/She

    I am passionate about helping queer BIPoC folx nurture wholehearted and intimate relationships with themselves and find language to express that love to others.

    We are constantly disconnected from what makes us human. When we are rushing to work, there is little time to be upset about something on the news. We do not stop to appreciate a gentle rain on our skin, instead focused on not getting wet. We are not taught to understand and appreciate orgasm as a radical act of self-care. Don't get me started on the all-too-normal "gender orgasm gap." The degree of intimacy we can foster with ourselves correlates to how Alive, grounded, and confident we feel moving through the world.

    Bodies, relationships, sexual and romantic desire come in an innumerable amount of shapes, shades and sizes. Queer BIPoC folx deserve therapists that meet them with a conceptualization of their intersecting identities, an understanding of the systemic policing of Black and Brown pleasure, working knowledge of sexual health issues specific to these communities and the enthusiastic endorsement of revolutionary self love. As a clinician and client of color, I value insulated, collaborative spaces that encourage and advocate for the expression of your innermost selves.

    I am currently most interested in working with individuals, couples and multiple partner relationships dealing with sex, intimacy and ethical non-monogamy challenges. Using a combination of western theoretical orientation, a cultural consideration of the manifestation of symptoms and the instincts of a compassionate listener, I guide stifled voices into making some noise in their own lives.

    If you have read through and you feel like we could do good work together, please complete this form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.