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  • Celestina Bradsher-Layne, MHC-LP

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    Pronouns: they/them

    "Do you often feel weighed down or overwhelmed by fear or sadness? Have you found yourself thinking about difficult experiences that distract you from your life? Do you want to build lasting positive relationships with the people around you? Do you often feel lonely and unsafe when alone or with people you trust? I want to guide you in becoming your own mental health caretaker. My hope for my clients is that they gain the skills that help them most, using the strengths they have within them to reach their personal goals. "

    Celestina's Philosophy

    Don't reach for normal, reach for better. Normal can be anxiety provoking or disheartening while small improvements at working to be better than you were yesterday can build you up to larger changes. It is important to take things step by step as you climb towards the summit that you foresee for yourself. My work with clients gives them a safe space and guiding influence along their road in life when they face difficult emotions, transitions, or experiences.

    Celestina's Approach

    Celestina's uses intersectionality, strengths-based, trauma-informed-care and collaborative effort to reach goals in the therapeutic relationship. Celestina works with clients from a strengths-based perspective tailored to their individual needs and identity. This is a holistic and eclectic psychological view for therapeutic benefit that considers each person's unique identity.
    Celestina's approach with clients is tailored to your needs and experiences. Celestina typically begins with clients discussing what might have instigated the emotional or behavioral change or challenge and its duration. In session discussions include identifying possible triggers and skills to manage difficult moments, giving the client a sense of power in distressing situations. Following sessions then begin the process of working towards a new sense of normal with the client's goals for their health in mind while also attempting new strategies and discussing challenges week to week.

    Celestina's Training

    Masters in Counseling for Mental Health and Wellness, New York University
    LGBTQ+ Certificate
    CBT, Grief & Loss, DBT

    About Celestina

    I have four favorite colors: Royal purple, Metallic Gold, Black, and Deep Red. I have a pet Boxer and want to visit Japan and Spain on my next global trip. My favorite thing about being a mental health professional is the blooming of clients I work with. I enjoy watching people succeed for themselves and use the tools they have gained to conquer their goals.