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  • Edward Yaeger, MHC-LP

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    Edward's pronouns: he/ his

    Edward's approach to therapy is primarily psychodynamic in nature, albeit philosophically eclectic. In other words, Edward employs various theories and approaches to therapy depending on the unique needs and goals of each individual, couple, or poly pod.

    Edward works with people of all backgrounds. While his emerging expertise is concentrating on issues and challenges unique to the Queer community – including trans, non-binary, and gender-fluid individuals – his work brings him to anyone who is committed to addressing personal plights, traumas, obstacles, and challenges within the broader contexts of self-growth and actualization.

    Edward's rich experience in business, politics, academia, and civics often serves as a strong foundational (and relational) therapeutic tool. He boasts over twenty-five years of experience charging various functions at startups and Fortune 500 companies alike. He is a contributing writer to and blogger for various online publications, including Huffington Post. You can read some of his published articles here.

    Edward holds a Master's in Mental Health Counseling from Northwestern, a BA from Columbia, an MBA from NYU, and an MPA from Harvard.