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  • Ishmaella Brutus, MHC-LP

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    Pronouns: She/They

    Your experience is real, putting someone else’s feelings above that is unfair to you. The different journeys we have lived so far has shaped how we respond and react to our loved ones today. Some walks through life end up with us feeling like our needs are selfish. It can lead to decisions weighing on our minds because they are not always understood by society. They can steer us to go down paths where we start to rely on substances to get us through the day. Other times, it prevents us from looking pass the hurt from past relationships to enjoy our life fully.

    I would be more than happy to walk through this journey in finding yourself. Whether its relating to transitioning, substance use, relationship issues, career related problems, or just day to day management; you deserve to put your mental health first.

    By using a more Relational and Eclectic approach to therapy, I plan to utilize active listening skills to help you become more proactive in your interactions with others and use your own strengths to help you walk through your journey feeling confident, understood and more connected with yourself. Whether your journey is by yourself or with your partner, I apply resources from different theories to help tailor the client’s needs to the work we will be doing in session. The foundation of our work together will come from a more Relational approach to therapy. Cultivating a good relationship together will help all of us become aware of behaviors that may have formulated from past relationships. This awareness can help foster new behavior and understanding that can address sources of conflict in your current life. Clients wishing to have some support with substance use, can expect a Harm Reductionist model to be the foundation of our sessions. I combine some Motivational Interviewing to help facilitate change with behaviors that are contributing to continued substance use.