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  • Katherine Cacciola, MHC-Therapist in Training

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    Pronouns (She/Her)

    Life challenges us and our responses can vary widely. Sometimes, we are triggered and respond with conflict (fight), avoidance (flight), shutting down (freeze), or trying to please others (fawn). Other times, we are motivated to meet the challenge and overcome them. We can learn to be mindful and to choose our responses, by using past strengths to overcome difficulties or by learning new techniques. We can develop awareness of our mind, body, and soul and the interconnections between them to develop new thought and behavioral patterns and rewire the brain for positive outcomes. We are all a work in progress and wherever you are in that journey is where we will start our collaboration.

    It’s easy to go on auto-pilot in today’s oversaturated world. Using wellness techniques, we can ground ourselves and “show up” in our daily life. I am a passionate advocate of holistic health and wellness which I use to create an empowering space for clients. Together, we will collaborate on your current goals, recover from previous issues, and handle future difficulties. As a creative individual, I am very interested in the artistry of therapy. But I also love the science that supports the art form and how we can use that to create real lasting change for you.

    I am currently completing my Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the Family Institute at Northwestern University. I hold degrees in Music Education and Vocal Performance from Ithaca College. I have spent the last decade working as an educator and performer. Most recently, I worked at a non-profit where I taught children through adults in a variety of environments, from schools to hospitals and shelters. In my free time, I love to hike with my partner and dog, sing and play piano, or cook up something fun in the kitchen!


    Intergenerational Trauma, Anxiety + Depression, Individuals + Couples, Relationships, Adolescents/Young Adult/Family Dynamics, Spirituality + the Mind-Body Connection, LGBTQIA+, Creative + Performing Community