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  • May Tang, MHC-LP

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    Pronouns (she/ her)

    Grief is hard. Whether you grieve from a loss of a loved one, relationships, trauma, or job loss. It can feel as though life is unfairly difficult. You do not need to be alone in it. I may be able to help. I hold a Permit in Mental Health Counseling (MHC-LP). I seek to actively partner with you to foster healing and enrich your life through meeting you where you are. This means walking alongside with you to support wellbeing, harmony, and self-efficacy.

    I identify as a American born Chinese, female practitioner that is bilingual, a Chinese-Cantonese speaker. I am also working toward becoming proficient in Spanish. All in which, help enable me to approach therapy through a holistic lens.I have extensive experience working with individuals and groups on topics ranging from substance use disorders, mental illness, homelessness, and sex trauma, to spiritual concerns and development. I am passionate about advocating for underserved populations through engagement and empowerment. The liminal space at times feels like a wilderness, difficult to navigate. Having a place for understanding, safety, and affirmation is what I work to provide.