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  • Nancy Alfaro, LMHC

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    Pronouns: she/her/hers

    Nancy Alfaro holds a Limited Permit in Mental Health Counseling. Nancy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Family Science from the University of Maryland, College Park. Nancy completed both a Master of Arts and Master of Education degree in Counseling Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. She also completed a certification Bilingual/Latinx Mental Health. She is a bilingual, native Spanish-speaker, and offers services in both languages.

    Nancy has significant experience working with adults, youth, and families in a variety of settings, including education, foster care, and clinical settings. Nancy believes in the empowerment of historically minoritized and oppressed populations, such as racial/ethnic minorities, LGBTQ populations, and persons with disabilities. She serves people who are seeking affirmative therapeutic spaces to manage challenges with depression, anxiety, and interpersonal relationships. She uses a strength-based, trauma-informed perspective to offer unconditional, nonjudgmental support so that individuals can hone in on their strengths to create meaningful changes in their lives. Finally, Nancy believes in advocacy as a form of collective healing from systemic traumas. She is involved in advocacy efforts that support undocumented, LGBTQ folks and the abolition of the police state.