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  • Timothy Murdock, MHC-Therapist in Training

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    Pronouns (He/Him)

    What’s your life’s story? What stories and messages do you tell yourself that influence the way your days unfold and the decisions you make?

    Our lives are filled with stories in which we play multiple roles as not just the protagonist or main character but also as the narrator. I am passionate about developing the whole person and bridging every part of our identities to create a sense of harmony as well facilitating the process to to help you not just own your stories, but to also help you find your strongest narrative voice and to create a sense of awareness and understanding of the stories you tell yourself. My approach to Counseling is eclectic. I believe that the Counseling relationship is built around providing a brave space for exploration.

    “Our words are powerful and the stories we tell ourselves, become the stories we live and the stories we tell others. Let’s write your story together.”

    Tim is a graduate of New York City’s Lehman College where he completed a B.A In Psychology and an MS.ED in Counselor Education. He is currently in the process of completing a Certificate of Advanced Study in Mental Health Counseling at Alfred University. Tim currently works full time as a Professional School Counselor in a New York City based Charter School. Tim identifies as Multiracial with roots from Puerto Rican, Black, and Polish ancestry. Tim is also a veteran of the United States Army. Although Tim lived most of his life in New York City, he has also lived in South Carolina. Tim is passionate about transformative justice and dismantling mental health stigma.

    Tim’s Specialities: Individual, Working through Trauma, Depression, Anxiety, Mindfulness, Solution Focused Counseling, Managing Stress, Career Transitions, Narrative Therapy, CBT techniques PsychoEducation.