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  • Zach Barnes, MFT-Therapist in Training

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    Pronouns: He/Him

    Are you happy with the story you’re living or could your life use some re-writes? Do you find yourself stuck in certain ruts/patterns (in relationships, in your career, in your family life) that you cannot seem to break? Are you looking for meaning or direction in your life — a fresh path? Are you at a crossroads with your faith, your sexuality, and/or your gender identity?

    I love stories and I love people and I believe that every person has a unique and beautiful story to tell with their lives. Sometimes, however, we find ourselves living a narrative that is far different than we would have wanted — unhealthy relationships, unfulfilling work lives, empty or hollow faith practices, perpetual and unresolved family conflicts. It is my goal to create a safe and healing space for people to explore and give voice to their stories — their pain, their joys, their inner wrestlings — in a non-judgmental, whole-person-affirming environment. It is my greatest privilege to walk alongside people exploring the intersection of their faith, gender, and sexuality in a non-judgmental and non-prescriptive way. It is my desire to see people empowered to own all of who they are and be proud of who they are, to see family relationships healed, and to see people flourish in every area of their lives. It would be my honor to bear witness to your story and to encourage you to author some re-writes that will lead to your flourishing and a story you are proud to be living.

    My background is in the Performing Arts. I have been performing since the age of five and hold my undergraduate degrees in Musical Theatre and Vocal Performance from The University of Michigan. I am currently completing my Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. My passions are singing, acting, the Arts (in general), Faith, and people. I love exploring the intersection of faith, sexuality, and gender and personally know some of the challenges people can face when attempting to integrate their faith with a non-heteronormative sexuality. To schedule a consultation, please contact me using the link below. I look forward to meeting you and to hearing your story!

    Zach’s Specialties: Family Relational Issues/Intergenerational trauma, anxiety, depression; Spirituality, LGBTQIA+, Differentiation from family of origin, faith communities, or other communities of significance; Managing Anxiety/Expectations in relationships, Creative/Performing Arts Community, Narrative Therapy