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  • Why Work with a Poly Coach?

    Jumping into a commitment with a coach can be intimidating. You may feel you can handle things on your own. After all, it’s the way you’ve always done things, so why seek help now?

    We live in a world where pulling yourself up by your bootstraps and going it alone has been the ‘respected’ way of doing things. But as society continues to dismantle stigmas around mental health and well being, more and more people are beginning to realize that investing time with a third party professional might actually improve their sense of happiness and success more than, say, retail therapy. Don’t get me wrong, I love new shoes, too. But the truth is, things like retail therapy simply serve as a bandaid for the feelings and desires we might be too afraid to face, especially when you find yourself at the beginning stages of opening a relationship or taking the first steps into ethical non-monogamy, in general.

    When it comes to opening up, a lot of negative and fearful tendencies can bubble to the surface. Jealousy, possessiveness, fear of abandonment, just to name a few.

    – Alyssa Keegan 

    The potential for a breakdown in communication is high, and you can easily find yourself adrift in a spiral of fear, aggression, and shame. What if you were able to talk to someone who could help give you tools to navigate jealousy? What if you could get clear on what your needs are and how to communicate them to your partner? What if you could develop actionable steps toward a structure of non-monogamy that felt secure and balanced, while cultivating and maintaining personal independence for everyone?

    Poly relationship coaching can help you get there, whether you are navigating difficult emotions, or are in need more practical ways to manage a busy calendar of date nights with all of your lovers!

    It takes a lot of self love and self care to financially invest in your well-being. I get it. It is much easier to make yourself feel better in the short term, by ordering a few things online.

    But a new shirt won’t ask what you are struggling with right now. And those new shoes might be able to take your from point A to point B, but they won’t ask you where you would like to go.

    So, let me ask you an important question: would you rather be happy for a few days, or for a lifetime? Are you ready to do the work and see a transformation in your life and in your relationships? Are you ready to invest in yourself?

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