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  • Online Therapists at FreshPathNY

    We are excited to welcome two new online therapists to the team at FreshPathNY! 

    Kenya Crawford, MHC & Lynda Martin, LMFT

    Both clinicians bring significant experience and strengths working with individuals, couples, and partners working on issues around trauma, racial and ethnic issues, LGBTQ+ and CNM/ Poly clients, anxiety and mood disorders.  Our clinicians are taking appointments NOW.  Email them directly or go through our contact form to set up your appointment.

     Connect with Kenya!                        

    Specialities: Ethnic/ Racial Identity, CNM/ Poly, LGBTQ, Gender Identity, Trauma

      Connect with Lynda!

    Specialities: Relationships/ Marriage, Intergenerational Trauma, LGBTQ, CNM/ Poly