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  • Ace/aro Competency in Therapy and Relevance to All(o) Clients

     March 14th, 12pm – 2pm EST, virtually via Zoom

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    What is this training about?

    This training is about building therapeutic competency in working with asexual (ace) and aromantic (aro) spectrum identifying clients and how this knowledge is applicable to all(o) clients. (I am very pleased with my pun, and will use it absolutely everywhere. If you don’t get the pun, it’s a sign to register for the training now! If you do get it, that too is a sign!).

    What will it cover?

    While this training will go over some basics of the ace and aro spectrums, it will not be a typical 101. Currently, there is a dearth of information, and understanding about the asexuality and aromantic spectrum identities. Even within the queer research, this is a population often left out. I was part of a small international group called Aces and Aros which worked to archive available research about asexuality and aromanticism and as such, I have done extensive personal study. What was made clear is how little research has been done on ace aro identities, and what exists has extremely limited insights and information. This led me to create a support group for ace/aro spectrum folx in 2020, one of the few of its kind on the East Coast, which ran till late 2023. This training will expand on definitions and ideas available online and in the literature, based on research, my own lived experiences as an ace/aro person, and insights of and feedback given by community members. This includes expanded definitions of asexuality and aromanticism, the connection and disconnection with sex drive and libido, microlabels, relationship dynamics, and larger societal norms.

    The main focus of the training will be on the therapy space; unique issues faced by ace/aro folx in their lives and challenges to feeling safe/understood by the field of therapy and clinicians. As with everything else, intersecting identities have a huge impact on the experiences an ace/aro person has, and we will be talking about some of those, such as race, neurodivergence and disability, age, and gender. I will share relevant anecdotes and examples from group participants, clients I have worked with, as well as my own life as an acearo person. This section will also include discussion around why it is important to have awareness and these conversations; not just for clients (ace/aro or not) but also for folx in our lives, and honestly, even our own approaches to life and relationships. We will also explore possible interventions and tools which can help make the therapy space more affirming and helpful for ace/aro and all(o) clients alike!

    There will be space for questions throughout and I will provide some resources (including my slides) as well. Though this training currently does not provide CEUs, I do hope to change that in the future!

    Tl;dr Learning Objectives

    • Expanded definitions with unique insights from community,
    • Importance of being an ace/aro affirming clinician
    • Issues and considerations to keep in mind
    • Intersecting identities and implications
    • Interventions and tools
    • impact of having ace/aro proficiency on not just ace/aro clients, but all(o)!
    • Resources and Q&A
    • No CEUs (yet!)

    Who should take this training?

    This training is targeted towards all sorts of mental health providers (counselors, social workers, psychologists and clinical psychologists, coaches). Whether you know nothing about asexuality and aromanticism, or are fairly familiar, this training will have learning for everyone!

    Will the training be recorded and provided to participants?

    Yes, the training will be recorded. The recording will be provided to all registrants within a week after the training, and will be accessible for 60 days. 

    About the trainer, Sunanda

    I am an Indian ace and aro-spec Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Clinical Supervisor who works primarily with QTBIPOC clients and clinicians. In 2020, I founded one of the only support groups for ace/aro folx in New York, and facilitated it till fall of 2023. The group was super fun and popular, and this training is kind of a next step from it, as I am utilizing a lot of the unique insights and information that we co-created within the community. To learn more about me go to my therapist bio and my supervisor bio!


    For students and pre-licensed folx – $80

    For licensed folx – $140

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