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  • Online Therapy: Serving LGBTQ+ and CNM/Poly Communities

    Many articles have been written on how online therapy is helpful for folks that travel frequently for work, have restrictions commuting to an office, or just prefer to meet from the comfort of their home. 

    There are additional reasons that online therapy might be a great fit for you and that has to do with access to knowledgeable and competent providers who may live outside of your city. For clients who are seeking therapists to work around issues of sexuality, race, gender and relationship structures, online therapy can open up a variety of options!

    LGBTQ+ Community

    Online therapy can link you to providers who are not just accepting and affirming, but who are driven to serve the community and competent in addressing and holding space for issues that are specific to the LGBTQ+ community.  Online therapy can be wonderful if:

    • There are no specialists or providers that are in your area
    • You’re not comfortable going to the *one* agency or provider in your area
    • You’d like to have more options that that *one* agency or provider
    • Providers in your area have a waiting list longer than a Norwegian summer (that’s 6 months!)

    CNM and Poly Community

    It can be challenging to find a therapist who is knowledgeable about issues affecting people who are in consensually non-monogamous partnerships or who identify as polyamorous.  Online therapy is amazing for this community for a few reasons:

    • You can find a competent therapist to work with outside of your city
    • Online platforms allow more partners to participate (and you don’t need to worry about everyone fitting on the couch!)
    • Long-distance relationships?  No problem! Online therapy allows you and your partner/s to work with a therapist despite not being in the same locations*
    • If you’re not “out” as CNM or Poly in your community, online therapy provides a way to maintain your privacy while getting the support of a professional.

    *Restrictions may apply so always check due to licensure requirements between states

    Intersectionality and Visibility

    For clients who are members of different marginalized communities and are seeking therapists who can handle the intersectionality of various identities – both visible and unseen – online therapy is a great way to broaden the net and find a therapist that’s exactly right for you.  Consider online therapy if:

    • You’re in a homogenous community with few providers that represent you
    • You’re a member of multiple communities and hold multiple identities (QPOC, GNC & Poly)
    • Services for YOUR community in the community are limited

    Want to learn more about how online therapy fits into your life?  Click here to learn more and connect with affirming and competent therapists!