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  • Revisiting Your 2022 Intentions

    Months into the new year and sometimes the motivation and hope that kicked off the year starts to wane – time to reflect on what’s working, revisit the intentions you set at the beginning of the year, and make adjustments.

    When we are reflecting back on the last few months, recognize that it’s just as important to celebrate the triumphs we have had as it is to look at what is still to be manifested.

    Here are a few questions to help guide you through appreciating yourself and your accomplishments, as well as put together an action plan for the upcoming months.

    Reflecting Back

    Make a list of what you are most grateful for over the last few months. When we tap into gratitude, we align ourselves with our truth, love and intuition.

    Write down your most memorable part of the last 6 months. This can be a list or a description of an event. How did it make you feel?

    How have you grown and what lessons have you learned about yourself in the last 6 months? Do these realizations stir any emotions in you?

    If so, why do you think that is?

    Is there anything on your New Year’s list that is no longer serving you?

    Is there anything you would like to add?

    Next, take a pause and reflect on the beauty of your experience with just as much love, compassion and understanding as you would give to your closest loved ones.

    Moving Forward

    Create a mind dump list of everything you would like to accomplish in the next few months. This list doesn’t have to be organized or pretty and in fact it doesn’t even have to be a list! Get all your ideas out of your mind and onto paper without judgment or expectation. Next you can start to organize your thoughts.

    Which ones are personal goals?
    Professional Goals?
    Longer term?
    Shorter term?

    Next, write down your top goal/intention in the middle of a blank sheet of paper and circle it.

    From here write down some of the major things that would need to happen or align to bring this goal to be. They can be written around the circle with a line connecting it to the main goal. Then you can see what smaller steps can be taken to achieve these bigger steps that need to happen.

    Once you have this map of what steps you need to take, pick the top three things you can achieve right now and go from there.

    Remember, 1 step at a time!

    Now that you have laid out a road map of where you are going – take a moment to practice a short meditation or even to take a few deep breaths to clear your mind.

    Close your eyes and start to visualize where you see yourself in the next few months.

    What have you accomplished?
    How does it make you feel?

    Really breathe into the idea of where you want to be as if it has already happened…and find gratitude that it has and will!